[Seek Help] evolution-ews package
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2022-05-25 05:14

Hi all,

I am trying to install evolution-ews package on the deepin O/S. It doesn't seem to let me do it. I only can install evolution package. I need it to connect Office365 email account.

Also, our I.T. dept is using screenconnect for remote support. I am able to install the .deb on my deivce but the IT cannot see the screen or move the mouse. Do you know how to fix it?

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2022-10-13 16:17

As of right now, I am attempting to install the evolution-ews package on the deepin O/S. It seems I can't complete this action. I can only find the evolution package to install. To access my Office 365 inbox, I need this. Our IT staff also uses screenconnect to provide remote assistance. In spite of the fact that the. super mario bros deb file installed successfully on my device, the IT is unable to control the computer in any way. Can you suggest a solution?

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2023-02-11 16:50
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