[Dock] Dock visibility issue V20.5
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2022-05-28 16:55

Difficulty seeing open apps in the Dock 

Olá, comecei recentemente a usar o Deepin no meu notebook, mas notei um pequeno problema no dock quando você está usando o modo Eficiente e sem efeito de transparência: É extremamente difícil verificar quais aplicativos estão abertos. The color to symbolize the open applications is extremely similar to the dock. And I usually use the notebook at 50% brightness or less, so this problem ends up getting worse.

In the image it seems to be better than I said, but in real use it is very bad to see. It would be interesting to put a different color to symbolize the open applications.


Problema ao reproduzir frequência

  1. Use the Dock in efficient mode.
  2. Set the transparency value to 1.
  3. Open an application.
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