[Share Experiences] deepin 20.6 - What are its highlights?
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2022-06-01 00:29

Deepin is the top Linux distribution from China, devoted to providing a beautiful, easy-to-use, safe, and reliable operating system for global users. (Global Ranking)

In deepin 20.6, we have developed and integrated a great number of practical features from the functional level based on the community users' feedback, synchronized with the upstream kernel version, fixed underlying vulnerabilities, upgraded the stable kernel to V5.15.34 and further improved system compatibility and security. Welcome to try it!


App Store

App Store supports filtering and classifying the search results with Linux native applications, Windows applications, and Android applications distinguished directly so that you can quickly find your desired application and save time in searching and retrieving.



The newly added settings and management in clearing the browser data automatically and the default encrypted cookies feature enhance your browser data security greatly.


Disk Utility

The new logical volume management feature effectively improves the scalability of the system and the convenience of disk management.


Full-disk Installation

You may allocate the root partition size manually as needed during full-disk installation.


Grand Search

You may locate and view the file quickly by distinguishing it based on the fields such as the latest modification time and the parent path when you are searching for the file with the same name in Grand Search.


OCR Text Extraction

The OCR text extraction feature is further optimized, with the recognition speed and accuracy rate being improved comprehensively.



New Features and Optimizations


  • Updated the Stable kernel to 5.15.34 by following the upstream.
  • Enabled ntfs3 in kernel V5.15.34.
  • Added the V5.17.3 kernel to the repository.

File Manager

  • Added "Build No." in the properties of Computer.
  • Optimized the interaction of dragging files from outside when the page was full of files in the list view.

Grand Search

  • Added the search results of Apps and Settings in "Best match".
  • Added the feature to distinguish the search results with the same name by the last modification time and the parent path.


  • Another four time settings (15mins later, 1 hour later, 4 hours later and Tomorrow) are added to the "Remind me" feature of Calendar.
  • Supported adding and managing custom event types.


  • Supported setting the partition size manually during full-disk installation.


  • Supported gstreamer coding.

Screen Capture

  • The base library is updated to improve the accuracy of OCR recognition.


  • Support changing the default search engine according to the system language during the initial installation.
  • Enhanced the browser data security and encrypted the cookies by default.
  • Added settings and management in clearing the browser data automatically.
  • Supported creating a desktop shortcut for the browsing web page.
  • Supported the personalized customization feature in closing multiple tabs.


  • Supported adding email accounts and managing emails for mails adopting the Exchange protocol.
  • Added Calendar view.
  • Supported zooming in on and previewing the picture in the email body.
  • Optimized the email body code parsing and made it compatible with the utf8 format files in previous versions.
  • Adjusted the display position of the email attachment.
  • Optimized the overall interactive experiences of Mail and improved the ease of use.
  • Supported recipient input association.
  • Supported the session mode in Exchange mails.

App Store

  • Support classifying and filtering search results.
  • Support automatically identifying the manual-set system proxy.
  • Optimized the version information display on the application details page.
  • Optimized the process display during the application download and installation.
  • Improved the loading speed of the App Store page.
  • Improved the launching and loading speed of the application.

Disk Utility

  • The new logical volume management feature improved the scalability of the system and the convenience of disk management.
  • Optimized the prompt box display and made operations more friendly.


  • Added the support for JPEG, PBM, PGM, PPM, XBM, XPM formats.
  • Added the support for JPEG, PPM, XBM, XPM formats when drawings were saved and exported.
  • Optimized the export and save paths of drawings.
  • Optimized the display order of the main menu.


  • Supported the switching ability for the thousandth and ten-thousandth separator.

Voice Notes

  • Supported selecting fonts during texts edition.

Text Editor

  • Improved the coding format recognization accuracy.

Archive Manager

  • Supported selection in the directory with the Up and Down key on the keyboard.

Log Viewer

  • Added the support for exporting all logs with one click.


  • Updated QT to 5.15.3.
  • Updated the graphics card firmware to improve the compatibility of graphics card drivers.
  • Added one desktop wallpaper.
  • Updated the drivers of rtw89 and bcm network adapters to adapt to V5.17 kernel.
  • Updated the NVIDIA graphics card driver to the latest version 510.
  • Updated gnutls28.
  • Updated QT to 5.15.3.
  • Added NVIDIA open-source GPU driver packages in the repository.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed: auto check for updates did not execute on time when auto check was enabled on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: the newly created account was not displayed in the secondary menu under Account on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: when the user clicked "+" button in "Keyboard Layout" module, the cursor skipped to the search box of Control Center on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: the Dock was displayed outside of the screen when the user switched four screens to extend mode from duplicate mode on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: the wallpaper display error of launcher in fullscreen mode when the user switched resolution, changed wallpaper and switched resolution again on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: the English description of wired network connection on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: the wireless connection failed and user needed to input password again after the user turned off wired/wireless connection and turned on again on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: the Biometric Authentication module was displayed in Control Center when there was no fingerprint reader connected on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: the main screen turned dark but the brightness value was 100% in Control Center after restarting the computer in extend mode when there was a HiDPI screen connected on certain laptop models.
  • Fixed: when the user right-clicked on the Dock and pressed the power button at the same time, a prompt of lockscreen failure popped up after "Do nothing" was selected in "Power" module on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: the extended screen could be lit only after restarting the computer when HDMI interface was connected on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: the crash of Control Center when "Reset Password" for administrator account was clicked on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: the password resetting failure in Control Center on certain computer models.
  • Fixed: the extra window of "Display" on the main screen in extend mode after the user restarted the computer and entered the "Display" module.

Window Manager

  • Fixed: when the multitasking view was entered in dual-screen mode, there were duplicate wallpapers in the workspaces added or deleted by pressing Alt + "-" or Alt +"+" on some devices.
  • Fixed: when the multitasking view was entered on some devices, the window jittered.
  • Fixed: when "Window Effect" was turned on on some devices, the four corners of the window had black shadows.
  • Fixed: when the multitasking view was opened on some devices, the color of the dock became white and there was no transparency effect.
  • Fixed: after multiple windows were opened and the multitasking view was opened, the transparency of the workspace window was abnormal on some devices in the process of dragging it to move its position.
  • Fixed: if the auto screen lock was set, when the multitasking view was opened until the lock time, the login box was not displayed on the lockscreen on some devices.

Grand Search

  • Fixed: the searched application was not included in the best match when there was a file with the same name as the application.
  • Fixed: Do not support the preview of items in the best match at present.
  • Fixed: after clicking the application in the best match, search the same keyword again, the clicked item was not ranked first.

File Manager

  • Fixed: users could not set the default opening method of pictures to Album on some devices.
  • Fixed: if pressing the Space key to preview a picture in File Manager, the picture was displayed incomplete on some devices.
  • Fixed: after users selected several folders, right-clicked on them and opened with File Manager, Package Installer was called out on some devices.
  • Fixed: when there was only one folder or file in a directory, pressed the first english letter of the file name on the keyboard to navigate to that folder or file, which took effect only once.
  • Fixed: if full-text search was repeated several times, the system was stuck on some devices.
  • Fixed: on some devices, after formatting a USB flash drive to vfat format, try to reformat it, the format of USB flash drive was displayed as ext3.

Scan Assistant

  • Fixed: The cache path of Scan Assistant was not centered when some models are connected with HDPI displays.
  • Fixed: The file was too large on some models in the process of converting files in jpg format to PDF format.

Image Viewer

  • Fixed: Pictures in .pct format were displayed badly on some devices.


  • Fixed: The online PDF domain was not properly displayed after being added to the collections on some device models and the collected PDF couldn't be displayed properly.
  • Fixed: "Open tabs" was not translated on some device models in the popup window of importing the Chrome browser bookmarks.
  • Fixed: The menu texts were inconsistent on the tab right-click menu and add popup window on some device models.
  • Fixed: The color of the fonts in the tab search box was not properly displayed under the dark theme on some device models.
  • **Fixed: There were **duplicate contents in the recovery list after closing and recovering the browser tabs and windows several times on some models.
  • Fixed: The UI was not properly displayed on some models.

Disk Utility

  • Fixed: It was unavailable to reduce the size in space adjustment on some models.


  • Fixed: The "control" couldn't inherit the color palette of the "application window" on some models.


  • Fixed the problem of application installation failure on some devices.
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities to improve system security.

Welcome to Download:





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We solemnly thank those community teams and companies who have provided testing, documentation, translation, and mirroring support. Welcome to use deepin and join our forum to submit feedback and share your suggestions

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