[Newbies] Deepin 20.6 Browser Download Indicator not very helpful
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2022-06-02 15:11

After I upgraded from Deepin 20.5 to 20.6, the downloads bar at the bottom became a downloads icon at the top right. The new icon is not very helpful. I tend to download a lot of text files sequentially. Since the files are so small, the download only takes a split second. In Firefox, no matter if the download took only 0.1 second or 100 seconds, the large arrow that shrinks smaller and smaller appears. In Deepin 20.6 browser, if the download takes less than 0.5 seconds, you don't see any visual cues. The circled progress bar doesn't appear. The downloads icon lights up with a tiny green dot. But if I'm download 10 text files one after another, I can never sure if that tiny green dot means the most recent download has finished, or the download before that one. I have to manually expand the downloads icon each time to check. Whereas in Firefox, I will see 10 shrinking arrows one after another as visual cues!

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