[Seek Help] dde-calendar event is generated but it is never notified bug
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2022-06-14 20:51

I found that notifications of calendar events, they are only notified when the system time zone configuration is GMT> = 0 , I mean time use 0 to +12 (Europe, Africa , Middle East , asia and oceania) , in half world works ok, but with the configuration of the system time zone is GMT <0 , that is, time use less than 0 , America, it does not work, that's why in Buenos Aires , Argentina GTM -3 , I never work on any device and in any version. and therefore, I had never been able to see the Calendar reminders, A SOLUTION PLEASE, THANK YOUCaptura de pantalla_dde-control-center_20220701155320.png

Captura de pantalla_dde-control-center_20220701155337.png

TIP: It would be nice if you can configure that when you find new notifications, the system shows them every period of time . At the same time that the notification icon on the dock changes its status, as with the trash icon when it is not empty

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