[Newbies] Davinci Resolve, can't see Nvidia Drivers
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2022-06-15 07:06

I need Davinci Resolve 18 to work with deepin since I went all in, deleted windows. I need for work purposes. Installing went great no issues for once, restarted computer and opened Davinci right away it says: Unsupported GPU Processing Mode, Please review the GPU drivers and GPU configuration. Please, I am willing to use Davinci 17 but it does not support the features I need, Really ned ver. 18.04 or newer. Help Please. amd B450, 2600 RYZEN, M.2 250 GIG, samung SSD 500 GIG, 2.8 WD Drive, 32 GIGs memory, TX 850 power unit corsair, NVIDIA GTX 2060 Super

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2022-07-05 10:26

Have you figured this out? I downloaded nvidia-control package and I was able to kick my laptop over to the NVidia graphics. However for me Blender still does not see a Cycles compatible device.

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