[Desktop] Program starter works only once
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2022-06-17 20:56

After upgrade to 20.6 my program starter works only once then it seems to crash. All the rest of the dock works flawlessly. I have to restart the computer if I need any new program that is not already opened.

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2022-08-04 00:42

same here.. Use an old HP6470b Laptop. Everthing else works really nice on this machine. But the starter comes up only once sincd 20.6. Strange !?
Can someone help to fix this ?

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2022-08-12 12:03

Finally fixed it !
Background :
DDE-Launcher crashes when the package simple-scan is installed.
Because this package has no icon for itself, it uses the build-in scan icon from deepin.
But displayin that icon in the "Bloom"-Theme ( default ) causes a crash in the dde-launcher.

There are two ways to fix that error :


Chance a new Theme thin the control manager under personalisation->Symbol-sets ( or something like that in english ). DO NOT USE the default Bloom-Icon-Theme. Choosing "Papirus" works fine for me.
Log out an in again and - ta ta - the launcher works again.


Deinstall simple-scan and use anothe scanner app by
using sudo apt remove simple-scan.

These 2 workarounds are just fine. Tested both. I prefer the first one because i like simple-scan.

I don´t know if that fixes the error for everybody. But it worked for me.
This bug has been bugging me for so long now. Glad i found the solution.
BTW : i found this Solution in the chinese deepin-forum after translating several posts. Thank you to the chinese guys who provided that solution.

Hope that this post will help somebody.

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