[Kernel/Drive] Black screen - does not wake up after suspending
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2022-07-16 05:56

with the 5.15 + kernel does not wake up and with 5.14 it works fine, some solution, thanks

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I tried all the kernels of 5.15.1 / 5.15.24 / 5.15.6 and the last 5.17.3 and in all cases when it returns from suspension , the screen is black - dead and I have to restart, with 5.14.10 it works well, also with all 5.15 this message appears at the beginning , which I think must be the problem, someone could help me , Thank you

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2022-10-25 07:32

I think the problem is that when exiting the suspension, the system does not recognize the SSD mvme M2 solid disk, someone has some idea, thank you very much

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