[V23 ] Welcome Screen offering apps to install
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2022-07-26 13:32

For the upcoming Deepin v23, I would like to suggest after install to have like a welcome screen where offers apps to users to install. Apps can be with choices, for example, for mail offer additional clients like Thunderbird if users want to install, for music can be Spotify, Pulse Audio or others. For office offer choice to install Libre Office, OnlyOffice or WPS. Also, drivers can be included as a choice to install for example Nvidia proprietary drivers, for AMD Vulkan shaders (for gaming components).

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2022-07-26 16:14

This idea is very good.

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2022-07-27 23:32

I'm sorry, but I think that the idea is bad.

App store has already a thing very similar to let users install applications after system installation with "must haves" and bulk installation. Letting people to choose between audio servers and graphics drivers is way too complex for regular users. Also it would prolong post install setup too much.

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