[Share Experiences] The Deepin Open Source Community Solicit for Articles has begun!
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2022-07-27 05:50

The Deepin Open Source Community Solicit for Articles has begun! Come and write your thoughts!hi

The Deepin Community Call for Articles has begun! As long as you are interested in Deepin products and have researched Deepin OS friends, you can come to participate. There are a lot of topics for you to choose from, and you can tell your story with Deepin.

Event time:


Call for Papers Requirements:

  • Content: First published, original, more than 800 words of text, with depth and quality of content (what problems do you encounter, how to solve them? How does it help readers?)
  • Structure: The content structure is complete, the logic is clear, and the writing is fluent.
  • Typesetting: Illustrated and textual.
  • Highlights: Reference, practicality, innovation.

Post articles:

Send your completed article to our email:, or you can reply directly to your article link on this thread.

Article publishing location:

  • Official website ( column: NEWS.

  • Posted on the official forum, long-term top for 20 days.

  • Posted in Deepin Official Reddit Community.

  • Posted in Deepin's official Medium column.

The original author will be indicated after the article is published.

Call for Article Topics

Fault case:

Troubleshooting & Troubleshooting.

Performance tuning:

Pre-installation (hardware or system level) tuning.
System parameter tuning.
SQL optimization.
and other performance tuning.

Practice in the new version:

Deepin application experience practice.
Other current latest version practices.

Source code interpretation:

Interpretation of deepin source code.
Interpretation of DTK source code.
Other source code interpretation.

Use practice:

Deepin OS usage practice.
Practice of using other deepin applications.
And so on other application tools use practice.

My story with Deepin

It can be a story related to deepin products or a story about the deepin community.

Other articles related to Deepin.

Welcome to contribute your thoughts, I am waiting for you!applaud

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