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2022-07-29 00:36

Linux Deepin is a very nice lokking OS but is has its own problems. There are many bugs and missing features like:

The keyboard overlay is switching and i do nothing.

In the display settings, when i want to use my 2. monitor with the extend funktion it just duplicates my first monitor.

Too many things are on chinese like the update news and some things in the App Store.

The system takes a long time to boot (even longer than windows) and i installed it on my SSD.

Many things are very complicated, like installing stuff and it would be good for beginners to explain what flatpacks and that stuff is.

There are also many sound options missing like an integrated equalizer where some presets like bass boost and are available.

Like i alredy said, the Deepin OS is in my opinion the most beautiful system in the UI. But it has many bugs and understandable things (like the many chinese things that dont get translated).

I'll switch back to Windows or look for another Linux. Eventually i will take a look again one time on Deepin but for now it's very unfinished in my eyes.

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2022-07-29 02:33

“The system takes a long time to boot (even longer than windows) and i installed it on my SSD.” Is the /data mount point on the HDD mechanical hard drive?

“The keyboard overlay is switching and i do nothing” Daily crashes of Fcitx, including my ukylin OS and ubuntu OS also have this problem.

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2022-07-29 20:08

ao meu ver é um sistema muito bem feito, foi preciso muito esforço para deixa-lo assim, dou meus parabéns aos desenvolvedores, ja usei muitas distros linux mais essa é incrivel, só queria mais atençao para meu idioma deixar ele mais globalizado, algumas coisa faltam traduzir para o protugues - brasil fora isso tá ótimo.

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