[Seek Help] 2022/8/5 Internal Testing For deepin
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2022-08-06 01:40

Dear deepin friends, in order to ensure version quality of the next update, we're now launching internal testing seeking participation from all members in this team.



  • Fixed the UI issues on some devices.


  • Fixed: on some devices, when a song directory was added, all songs in other directories at the same level were also added.


  • Fixed: when a terminal window was at a position across two screens in dual-screen mode, pressed Ctrl+Shift+? to call out the shortcut windows, their positions were different each time.

File Manager

  • Fixed: if a USB flash drive was formatted into vfat, in the next disk format process, its format was displayed as ext3.
  • Fixed: after right-clicking multiple folders and opening them with File Manager, Package Installer popped up instead of File Manager.
  • Fixed: after searching for non-existing files in the FTP server, and returning back to the upper-level directory, it was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: when "Show file system on disk icon" is checked or unchecked in Settings, it did not take effect immediately.
  • Fixed: folders permanently deleted were not completely deleted and no error message was shown.
  • Fixed: the transfer progress for sending large files from smb servers was displayed abnormally.

Screen Capture

  • Fixed the low text recognition accuracy if there was no large blank space around the image.

Image Viewer

  • Fixed: the memory usage kept increasing which resulted in memory leakage in the process of switching and viewing images.

Test Procedure

Connect to the internal source and upgrade the system to the latest edition.

Upgrade method:(The internal test version may be unstable. Please do not use it in production environment)

Change the sources, run in terminal:sudo deepin-editor /etc/apt/sources.list

Paste the following contents to sources.list, then save and exit.

Execute sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade command in terminal. After upgrade successful, please reboot your computer.

Test and fill out the questionnaire(https://cooperation.uniontech.com/form/0e6ac124e47347a8bad3d2a9d538075d)to give feedback on your questions.


Upgrade your kernel to 5.15:sudo apt install linux-image-deepin-stable-amd64 linux-headers-deepin-stable-amd64

Upgrade your kernel to 5.17:sudo apt install linux-image-deepin-experiment-amd64 linux-headers-deepin-experiment-amd64


  • The internal testing is limited to members. Click here to join it.
  • All members of Internal Testing Team will participate by default.
  • Members who consecutively absent themselves for 3 times without asking for leave, will be dismissed from the Team.
  • Please do not distribute the content and data of the Internal Testing. Otherwise you will be dismissed from the Team.


Many thanks to all the Internal Testing Team members for your active participation!

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