[Newbies] Macbook Air - No wifi after I installed?
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2022-08-13 13:37

Please could someone please give me some advise, I am not familiar with Linux - but love the software deepin.... hoping to become familiar with it.

Problem is, I have loaded Deepin - works well! But no Wifi drivers for my Macbook Air after I installed it... And I have for the last 3 weeks been stuck trying to figure out how to load the drivers for my Macbook and what and where to find them? Please could someone guide me in the right direction..


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2022-08-13 16:01

Have you both tried 5.10 and 5.15 kernel?

If 5.10 kernel cannot run well, 5.15 kernel may solve this problem.

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2022-09-03 01:42

It's only issue with WiFi driver. I don't think Deepin has repository of every WiFi card ever made. My WiFi works fine, it's a Huawei Matebook laptop year 2021.

Anyone have WiFi issue, you can try to get USB WiFi adapter from eBay. They're very cheap like only $3 USD and possibly widely supported because have generic WiFi chip.

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