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2022-08-29 02:13

Hi! I have installed Deepin 20.6 along with windows 10 in intel core 2 duo, 64 bit processor with 4 gb ram and allocated 80 gb disk space for deepin system and 4 gb for swap. I am using USB Modem for Internet.

👍 The installation of Deepin is so easy.

😍 The look of the Deepin Desktop is awesome, beautiful and so stunning.

👎 But, there is no WiFi, Hotspot, USB Modem settings in Control Center.

😭 However, I managed to install Modem Manager GUI along with its dependent pakages.

🙁 Keyboard Layout has Tamil Net 99. But I need Tamil 99 Keyboard Layout.

😠 The Album, Browser and Movie apps are not working.

😕 The App Store takes more time to load apps list.

🤔 It may be useful to have widget like raimeter for uptime and other info.

🤗 I like to use Deepin continuousely, If the above requestes are fullfilled.

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