[Seek Help] eror A mistake in choosing the language language
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2022-08-31 07:01

There is a problem in choosing between the language of the line from the taskbar between the Arabic language and the English language when choosing an Arabic language that does not write an Arabic language and show an English language, as well as when choosing the English language appears Arabic. We hope to solve this problem and inform the custodian of the Dubai operating system with this problem ...... importance
Also, there is another problem that we cannot choose between any writing language through the keyboard. We choose from settings. Who are you able to solve this problem ... the problem in general and resort to a solution ....... Important and urgent ....? And thank you for your interest.

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deepin product team
2022-08-31 07:12

In the 20.7 version released today, we try to solve the problem. We have improved the usage habits of non-Chinese users. You can upgrade and experience it.

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