[Seek Help] Sound Problem
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2022-08-31 21:47


I have Infinix xe20 bluetooth earbuds that are working fine on my android phone and my same pc device but on windows. Unfortunatelly, they can be connected on deepin 20.6 but without sound I tried everything I increased sound, decreased it, fully charge them, play sound on different programs, install new driver, reinstall bluetooth service, update and upgrade, but none works.

Please find for me a solution

And thanks

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deepin testing team
2022-09-02 02:16

I'm very sorry you encountered this kind of problem, I do not know if this headset is something special or the computer's Bluetooth is different, you can try to use blueman this application do not know if it is different, after the Bluetooth connection is successful, you can try to switch the selection of the sound input and output devices to see if there is an effect in some cases.

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2022-09-14 03:51

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