[Official Events] Introduction of Deepin Special Interest Groups
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2022-09-16 23:38

What is SIG?

Special Interest Groups (SIG) are small groups that carry out activities on interest topics and disclose the results to the whole community. Each SIG conducts activities in a public and transparent way, so community contributors can easily join the interesting SIG group.

deepin SIG

The topics of deepin SIGs should be all related to the deepin distribution and the DDE (deepin desktop environment). We encourage deepin employees to conduct activities in SIGs to make deepin more transparent and make it easy for community contributors to participate. Community members are also welcome to set up SIGs to get direct help and support from deepin.

Note: It is not a must that community users should join a SIG, who can always participate in community activities as an individual.

Overview of community organizations

Organizations of the deepin community can be divided into the community board and SIGs. The community board provides SIGs with necessary support and activity guidance and supervises their activities.


SIG is supported and managed by the deepin community. Its daily activities are organized by the group itself and open to the whole community.

Each SIG should focus on the goals determined at the time of SIG creation, ensure that the activities can produce meaningful outputs, and regularly publish the outputs to the community. The operation of SIG is supervised by the community board, and SIGs that cannot meet the requirements will be canceled by the community board.

Each SIG should have a group leader. If cross-group collaboration and communication are required, the group leader shall communicate and collaborate with other SIGs or the community board on behalf of the group.

Group leaders are responsible for SIG activities and development as well. If a SIG needs support, the group leader should submit the requests. If the SIG's initial goals have been reached and no new goals have been found, the group leader should notify the community board to mark the SIG as an inactive group.

Community Board

The community board is the key organization of the community, which controls the development direction of the deepin community, ensures its healthy and smooth operation, as well as supports, guides, and supervises all SIGs.

It deals with the application for the setup of SIGs and supervises their activities to make sure they are performed in a healthy manner.

The community board should periodically summarize the activities carried out by the deepin community, and announce them to all community users, which includes the outputs of each SIG.

If required, the community board should also give necessary support to SIGs including resource allocation, infrastructure, activity guidance, etc.


Our intention

As mentioned above, SIGs are groups with specific interests and goals, which are set up to encourage community contributors to actively participate in the improvement of deepin/DDE, as well as to make community-related activities open and transparent that were originally carried out in an unpublic way.

The SIGs will not replace the existing community forums and unofficial groups, but they can get direct support from the community board to solve issues efficiently. Of course, they will also receive supervision from deepin to ensure the healthy development of group activities.

Most of the SIGs established at the preliminary stage are groups that were active within the deepin company or groups whose activities were not open to the public. We will assist the new SIGs to make them more open, and gradually improve the existing infrastructure of the deepin community, paving the way for the development of SIGs.

SIG setup

For the creation and management of SIGs, please refer to SIG Setup Guide.

Getting help

If you have any problems with SIG creation, management, or joining an existing SIG, open an issue in this repository to discuss with us.

Source code: https://github.com/linuxdeepin/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Gdjh0hQDeKHdqm4RrFPdw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deepinlinux

Telegram: https://t.me/deepin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/linux_deepin/


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