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2022-09-17 13:20

Hi, I am from Puerto Rico and I have been impress by Deepin, and I love to use it all time I can do it. At home is the Operating System that I only use. Now I am confronting a problem with my keyboard and I would like to fix it. Nevertheless I am from a US Territory, we speak Spanish in daily basis, so official documents as those used in normal basis are in Spanish. So my keyboard is in Spanish and I have not success to use it normally. The configuration is not working because as I write in, the keyboard write the wrong caracters.

As I unplug it and plug it, aparently work, but in one or two words change again and doesn't allowed me to write properly. How can I fix this problem?

Thanks for your efforts.

Edgard Gonzalez

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2022-09-18 20:29

Hola, Bienvenido, Edgard! Te respondí en otro mensaje, pero ya tengo, entonces, más información con esto.

Igualmente, quiero mostrarte la configuración que tengo en mi Deepin 20.7.


Puede que, además de esto, con el teclado conectado, tengas que configurar IBus, como está en la captura.


Cualquier pregunta, no dudes en escribirla!

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deepin testing team
2022-09-19 12:42

we will fix this asap

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2022-11-16 07:12

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