[Share Experiences] Keyboard is not working properly in Spanish
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2022-09-17 21:38

After my update to 20.7 I had experience problems using my Spanish keyboard. The problem is still on the machine after unplug and plug the keyboard. At the moment I unplug and plug again, apparently is fixed, but if I continue using it the keyboard write the wrong characters again. Please help me to fix that.

I do love my deppin and is the only operating system I am using at home. The Spanish is my mother language that we puertorrican use in daily basis in my country, nevertheless we are a USA Territory. We had been keeping our mother language since the invation happened in November 1898. Today Spanish is our mother language and offiacially and unofficially had been spoaken in the Island. So I would like to fix this problem as soon as possible. Thanks.

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deepin testing team
2022-09-19 20:30

您好,能否提供错误报告的 gif 或视频?

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2022-09-20 16:15

would you please provide your detail problem report with pictures or vedios?

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2022-10-04 10:59

Thank you very much!! I appreciated the fast and usefull response!

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