[Official Events] [20-9- 2022]Deepin Internal Beta Update
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Offical Team
2022-09-21 02:33

Hello everyone,

in order to ensure the quality of the next system update, we are now carrying out internal testing activities. Members of the internal testing team are invited to actively participate, thank you!

Updated 27-9-2022

  • Updated the user mode Mesa driver of graphics cards.
  • Optimized rendering and compositing performance.
  • Added support for chip hard decoding.
  • Upgraded the core decoding libraries.

The above updates work for 700+ device models such as ThinkBook14, Dell Vostro 3881, and ThinkBook 13x. For the detailed list, please refer to the post in the forum.

Release Notes 21-09-2022:

  • Fixed: The Bluetooth module was not shown in Control Center on some Bluetooth devices with V5.18 kernels.
  • Fixed: The Realtek card was not recognized and the Wireless Network module was not shown in Control Center on some devices with V5.18 kernels.
  • Fixed: Keyboards of some laptops were unavailable during the system installation process.
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities to improve system security.
  • Fixed: System Monitor did not respond after clicking its icon in the plugin area.
  • Fixed: On some devices, under the extend mode of dual displays, the Quake Terminal window was extended to another display.


  • Fixed: Two items were selected at the same time when moving pointers on the mini window of the launcher.
  • Fixed: On the login screen, there are two accounts: account A with a password and account B without a password. After entering the password for account A without login, switching to account B, and then switching back to account A, its password was not cleared automatically.
  • Fixed: "Show transparency effects when a window is moved" was automatically enabled after being disabled on some devices.
  • Fixed: The shortcut text was displayed abnormally after clicking "Restore Defaults" on the Shortcuts page in Control Center.
  • Fixed: After clicking "Cancel" in the logout confirmation interface, the desktop cannot be entered properly on some devices.
  • Fixed: Wallpaper slideshow when login did not take effect after logout and login again.
  • Fixed: Icons in the Dock were displayed abnormally when resetting the user password.
  • Fixed: Under some language environments, the frosted glass UI effect of the notification center was lost.
  • Fixed: If enabling "Login without Password" on some devices, the system entered the desktop directly without displaying the login interface after logout and wakeup.
  • Fixed: On some devices, under the duplicate mode of dual displays, the WLAN icon was wrongly displayed even if the WLAN worked properly.
  • Fixed: In Control Center > Date and Time > Time format, the default value of negative currency format was wrongly displayed.
  • Fixed: In Control Center > Date and Time > Time format, the three symbols in the currency symbol drop-down box were not aligned.
  • Fixed: Under multi-display environments, operations were stuck for a few minutes after logging in to a newly created account for the first time.
  • Fixed: It did not respond when clicking the WLAN icon on the multi-user lock screen of some devices.
  • Fixed: The drop-down box of the primary screen was still shown after the primary screen has been selected under the extend mode.
  • Fixed: On some devices, when the display scaling was set to 1.25, the display scaling of the login screen and the lock screen were inconsistent.

How to join the internal test channel -- [Remember, use the latest release version, not V23]

The current method of adding internal testing is the same as before. You need to manually add internal testing source information in the terminal. Methods as below:

Step 1. Backup system source:

Execute the following command, the original system source will be backed up as the sources.list_bak file.


Step 2. Add the internal test source:

Directly download the sources.list file below and replace it in the /etc/apt directory:

sources.list: Extraction code: zimo

Execute the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (may need to logout and restart)


Linux5.15 kernel installation: sudo apt install linux-image-deepin-stable-amd64 linux-headers-deepin-stable-amd64

Linux5.17 kernel installation: sudo apt install linux-image-deepin-experiment-amd64 linux-headers-deepin-experiment-amd64

Take the test and fill out the questionnaire to give feedback on your questions.

Internal testing rules (important)

  1. Keep the system version upgraded to the latest internal beta version to avoid problems caused by inconsistent versions.
  2. When a problem is found, the feedback form can be used for feedback as soon as possible
  3. After entering the internal testing group, please change the name to the user name of the deepin forum, so that we can contact you to communicate the specific details of the problem (Note: it is the user name, hover over the avatar in the upper right corner and click to enter the "User Center", copy "Username" information).

Notes for feedback on internal testing issues

  1. When reporting bugs, you must fill in the correct deepin forum username to ensure that it is consistent with the group nickname of the internal test group, so that we can communicate in a timely manner;
  2. It is necessary to specify the preconditions, that is, what operations are done when the phenomenon occurs that may lead to the problem, and the problem must be omitted;
  3. The detailed reproduction steps need to be written so that the official personnel can reproduce the verification problem as soon as possible;
  4. It is necessary to clearly explain the expected results and the actual results, to avoid inconsistencies in the understanding of different personnel, and no ambiguous descriptions are allowed;
  5. It is best to provide screenshots and screen recordings (static screenshots, mp4, gif are all acceptable), mainly to clearly feedback the problem;
  6. If there is no problem, it is necessary to provide system log information to facilitate R&D for positioning and troubleshooting;
  7. You can submit the severity and priority of the problem according to the actual impact on yourself;
  8. For questions about demand, you can directly go to the forum for feedback:


Many thanks to all the members of the internal testing team for your active participation!

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A very meaningful event, I hope everything will go well quordle

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:喜欢: :亲吻心:

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