[Newbies] deepin with inspiron 15r se 7520 - video card issue
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2022-09-28 02:21


First of all, let me explain, what I did, what is happen and what I would like to do with some help.

1 - I have this Laptop:

256 SSD
RADEON 7730M - I think this gpu the core of my hope with this laptop - I know it is from 2012.

But, Im like it yet. But the problems appeared since months ago, with laptop freezes and BSOD showed up after a Windows 10 update.

Before update I was able to play some games -ie.: Dota2, Valorant (with low config).
But after update not even a single text I can write on this beauty PC - It was my first brand new computer that I bought. So let's go ahead..

I've tried a lot of different approaches to put it working again:

  • Reintalled all windows from 8.1 to 10 (microsoft do not provides win 8 or 7 more);
  • reinstaled 1st intel drivers
  • after that reinstaled AMD drive provided by DELL website. But no one works. After install and connect on internet, BSODs and freezes again.
  • Tried locked up windows to intall drivers automatically, but the SAME BSODS and freezes again.
  • The curious case is - sometime It worked until I restarted the computer.

What Im trying right now.

  • installed deepin, deepin regonized both video cards on Manager Graphic cards as we can see below
  • trying to install some games from steam in Deepin
  • the unique way to open Steam is using the BIG PICTURE MODE :(
  • so the first question started here - When I put the steam on big picture, to run in fullhd
    I had the message I just have 200mb of video memory available????? The radeon has 2gb.


The image text is: Your exibition device have only 268.44 MB of dedicated memory. The performance could be bad in HD 1280 x 720.

CSGO started with about 10 fps on lobby :(

So what I need to do, to put all the whole things working ok?

Im good now, since Im not having freeze and BSODs again.
But it seems like the AMD is not recognized, but the system "see" it on, like above:


I'vegot this image from deepin SW - Graphtical manage device from: sudo apt install deepin-graphics-driver-manager

And for last, stem do not recognize the AMD GPU as we can see below:


Please someone can help me to bring some peace to my heart again?

Thanks in advance.

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