[Seek Help] How to Write a Journalistic Essay
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2022-09-28 12:48

Human society's development and advancement always creates new situations and new professions, as well as changing the nature of existing ones. A journalist is one of the most recent occupations to undergo dramatic changes.

The human society's ability to develop generally makes it possible for such jobs to exist. Before communication became easier between different regions, there was no concept of journalism, which is the profession of making information accessible to the public. The news traveled with armies of warlike lords as well as traders' caravans, ships, vagabonds, and settlers. No journalistic essay example is possible until events in other parts or in your locality are understood as a commodity.

Although there were some positive changes after the publication, they did not change the core of the profession. The journalist's work is the same as it was in the early European newspapers. His job is provide information to his listeners and viewers. Information that is not easily accessible is more valuable. This is why journalists are so hated by totalitarian countries. They embody freedom of information. Any dictatorship is based upon reality and mind-control, and doesn't allow anyone to have an opinion.

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2022-10-31 02:30

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