[Newbies] Wireless NOT working in Deepin 20.7? Try this...
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2022-10-11 01:20

I saw this popup a lot in the forum.  Basically, Deepin is just one software company.  They don't have a repository of drivers for every WiFi card ever made.  Here's what you can do if your WiFi card is not recognized by Deepin 20.7:

They only cost $2.5 USD on eBay.  The item to search for is "RTL8188".  That's the generic chipset all these WiFi dongles are using.  I have personally confirmed this to work in Deepin 20.7 without needing external drivers!

These are WiFi N (WiFi4) adapters by the way and heat up a lot.  I have killed one probably from overheating it, so get plenty because they're so cheap...

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2022-10-12 00:31

BTW, if it is possible, NEVER connect the USB WiFi dongle DIRECTLY to the USB port. Instead connect the WiFi dongle to the port via a USB EXTENSION CABLE because of the following benefits:


  1. If the WiFi dongle OVERHEATS, it can't damage the system board because not directly connected to it.
  2. Improves SIGNAL RECEPTION. You can move the dongle around to the best reception spot because not directly attached to the PC.
  3. I always thought RADIATION of any kind was harmful to your health. If you use a USB extension cable, the extension cable provides some electrical resistance. So, when the power finally reaches the WiFi dongle, the voltage and/or amps will have been greatly reduced leading the WiFi dongle to output less radiation!
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2022-10-12 09:29
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2022-10-16 15:13

This device is able to reach 2MB per second (Bytes not bits 2MBbps = 16Mbps) downloadin YT videos (for offline viewing) in Deepin 20.7 while connected to 1m long USB extension cable and located at the back of house the most furthest away from the router. This is an amazing feat for tiny device without visible antenna. But of course the speed will be much less with more connected devices because WiFi 4 (N) cannot handle many users at the same time!

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