[Seek Help] Toucpad issues with Lenovo Thinkpad W540
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2022-10-13 06:23

although touchpad works out of the box but i have some issues with it

like if i move my finger vertically from the edge of right or left it dosent move until i do a horizontal or daigonal move

then if i want to select a text or tap and drag from the edge its just move the mouse not draging until i tap from the middle of the toucpad and then drag

i think touch from edges is ignored how can i disable this behaviour and enable full toucpad detection

also my touch is synaptics so i search on internet to swtich to synaptics driver but on internet its saying that synaptiocs is old and not mainted any more so should be move on

also i have test my toucpad eges with

sudo libinput measure touch-size

sudo libinput measure touchpad-pressure

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2022-10-14 08:52

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2022-10-14 08:53
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2022-10-20 06:38

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