[Community News] Deepin OS 20.7.1 released!
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2022-10-18 17:44

Deepin OS 20.7.1 responds to the feedback from the community and further improves the user experience.

The updated features have been adapted to 700+ models to improve the stability of the system; NVIDIA driver pre-installation has been added to improve the smoothness of driver installation; system vulnerabilities have been fixed to improve system security, welcome to try it out!


Add NVIDIA driver pre-installation

NVIDIA driver pre-installation feature is added, which automatically matches the appropriate closed-source driver version to the NVIDIA graphics card on the current machine for installation, eliminating the need for manual installation and hassle; the upstream driver package is refactored to allow multiple N-card driver versions to exist in the system repository at the same time.

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Updates and Optimizations

  • Updated the user mode Mesa driver of graphics cards.
  • Optimized rendering and compositing performance.
  • Added support for chip hard decoding.
  • Upgraded the core decoding libraries.

The above updates work for 700+ device models such as ThinkBook14, Dell Vostro 3881, and ThinkBook 13x. For the detailed list, please refer to the post in the forum.

  • Do not show signature software in app management, so as to avoid the problem that uninstalling signature software leads to the removal of apps that depend on it.
  • Updated the text in the Welcome app.
  • Updated font libraries to fix missing fonts.
  • Updated the Doxygen documentation generation tool.

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed: On some devices, under the extend mode of dual displays, the Quake Terminal window was extended to another display.
  • Fixed: After clicking "Cancel" in the logout confirmation interface, the desktop cannot be entered properly on some devices.
  • Fixed: Wallpaper slideshow when login did not take effect after logout and login again.
  • Fixed: "Show transparency effects when a window is moved" was automatically enabled after being disabled on some devices.
  • Fixed: On some devices, when the display scaling was set to 1.25, the display scaling of the login screen and the lock screen were inconsistent.
  • Fixed: It did not respond when clicking the WLAN icon on the multi-user lock screen of some devices.
  • Fixed: The drop-down box of the primary screen was still shown after the primary screen has been selected under the extend mode.
  • Fixed: Two items were selected at the same time when moving pointers on the mini window of the launcher.
  • Fixed: On the login screen, there are two accounts: account A with a password and account B without a password. After entering the password for account A without login, switching to account B, and then switching back to account A, its password was not cleared automatically.
  • Fixed: The shortcut text was displayed abnormally after clicking "Restore Defaults" on the Shortcuts page in Control Center.
  • Fixed: Icons in the Dock were displayed abnormally when resetting the user password.
  • Fixed: Under some language environments, the frosted glass UI effect of the notification center was lost.
  • Fixed: In Control Center > Date and Time > Time format, the default value of negative currency format was wrongly displayed.
  • Fixed: In Control Center > Date and Time > Time format, the three symbols in the currency symbol drop-down box were not aligned.
  • Fixed: Under multi-display environments, operations were stuck for a few minutes after logging in to a newly created account for the first time.
  • Fixed: Text errors in Terminal.
  • Fixed: UI issues of the network list on the login interface.
  • Fixed: Music playback did not pause when switching output devices in Control Center > Sound while the wired headset was connected.
  • Fixed: In the multi-user and multi-display state, when users and multi-display modes are frequently switched, the desktop could be directly entered, and the system crashed.
  • Fixed: A window flashed in the upper left corner of the screen if disabling the window effects and constantly switching between Time Settings and Time Format in Date and Time.
  • Fixed: When the password was greater than or equal to 17 digits, the system cannot be entered after inputting the correct password.
  • Fixed: Screen brightness settings were invalid after restarting the system under the power saving mode of laptops.
  • Fixed: After clicking the Back button in the title bar to go back to the homepage of Control Center, and then clicking on the search box, the focus was not on the search box, and it jumped to the previous interface.
  • Fixed: There was no cursor in the password input box of the login interface after logging out.
  • Fixed: When the launcher search box was not focused, after entering a character, the focus was not automatically switched to the search box, and only one character could be input.
  • Fixed: The color of shortcut keys in Control Center > Shortcuts followed the accent color.
  • Fixed: The text color displayed in the Bluetooth list in the Dock did not follow the dark theme.
  • Fixed: The incorrect version information when logging in to the desktop after system upgrades.
  • Fixed: The wrong error was displayed which said that the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+O conflicted with that for "Voice to Text" when creating a custom shortcut.
  • Fixed: Unprivileged common users could use pkexec bash to get root privileges when using SSH connection when a remote connection was enabled in Terminal.
  • Fixed: the default program for opening pdf files was modified when the default program was not set.

Specific Computer

  • Fixed: The Bluetooth module was not shown in Control Center on AMD 6800 series Bluetooth devices with V5.18 kernels.
  • Fixed: The Realtek card was not recognized and the Wireless Network module was not shown in Control Center on AMD 6800 series devices with V5.18 kernels.
  • Fixed: Keyboards of AMD 6800 series laptops were unavailable during the system installation process.
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities to improve system security.
  • Fixed: System Monitor did not respond after clicking its icon in the plugin area.
  • Fixed: On Thinkbook 14+ and computers with equivalent configuration, after wakeup, there was no notification panel if clicking "Notification" in the Dock, and errors were found in Control Center > Notification.



Baidu Network Disk: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1nV3_qhLkBImmhYk8bD8YVQ Extraction code: zimo

Google Drivehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1rkN3tYLIfzPLITWQEt1uBiskJU9s8CjH



We solemnly thank those community teams and companies who have provided testing, documentation, translation, and mirroring support. Welcome to use deepin and join our forum to submit feedback and share your suggestions.

welcome to discuss with us:

Telegram: https://t.me/deepin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/linux_deepin/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/deepin/


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2022-10-18 23:53
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2022-10-19 02:10

please add drivers for "everest - 8336" . there is no sound on models with this audio controller.sweat

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2022-10-20 15:25

Please, add the FRENCH AFNOR Standardized AZERTY layout which is present in the XKB-DATA package in Debian.

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2022-10-23 13:57

Please, add the FRENCH AFNOR Standardized AZERTY layout which is present in the XKB-DATA package in Debian.

Could you follow the steps in the guide on the link :


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