[V23 ] Is it true Deepin 23 no longer based on Debian?
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2022-10-19 03:06

Is it true Deepin 23 no longer based on Debian?

If that is the case, it's a welcomed change.

On my ITX PC with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Deepin 20.7, Deepin boots up the slowest. The hard drive is constantly working at 100% throughout the boot sequence, where Xp and 7 boot up with the HDD sparingly used.

I blame it on the bloated Debian base.

Deepin no longer based on Debian means the OS will be streamlined like Huawei Harmony OS, which runs more efficiently than Google Android!

What's the more welcomed change though is for Deepin to no longer depend on AMD or Intel. The day I can source non-Intel/non-AMD parts to build a killer PC to run Deepin, that's the day worthy of celebration!

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2022-10-20 07:34

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2022-10-22 19:09

Moving away from debian is most likely caused by its update scheme which isn't very suitable for desktop usage.

There's no dependence on amd and intel in the whole linux ecosystem. For deepin to support risc-v, loongarch etc. it must be added to the linux kernel first.

Perosnally I wouldn't say debian is bloated. Your issues are probably caused by something else. In terminal check systemd-analyze --blame .

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2022-10-22 23:12

Unity OS already supports non-AMD/Intel CPUs. I don't think it's a prob for Deepin to run on other CPU architectures...

Maybe bloated isn't the right word. More like all modern OSes are bloated. I can go from Win7 to Win11 on the same system and I am guaranteed performance will be greatly reduced in Win11 simply because software just becomes more and more complicated with each new version so performance suffers drastically.

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