[Newbies] Linux impresses me with LVDS brightness control
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2022-11-02 05:20

I'm really impressed with Linux. I have a mini-ITX PC with LVDS connection for any laptop TN LCD screen. The problem is it's nearly impossible to dim the screen backlight in Windows. (I was using Windows 7, maybe the function works in Win 11, who knows). I was finally able to set the screen brightness at less than 100% using xrandr command in Deepin.

Windows blows. I have an old wireless network card that refuses to connect to a WiFi6 network, but works just like that when I log onto Deepin.

Anyways, Linux just continually impresses me. Unfortunately I am unable to move away from Windows because I use it mainly for the .NET framework software I created myself. It sucks to have to use a virtual Windows machine in Linux. Hope Deepin develops something the layman can use to create custom casual software. It sucks to have to continue using Windows...

EDIT: Nvm, it seems xrandr does NOT really dim the LVDS-connected screen backlight, but does a photoshop trick. But still, Deepin offers a far superior experience to Windows. My God, we're at version 11 for Windows, the video player still can't play subtitled mkv right... Also don't have a built-in torrent downloader as well!

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2022-11-02 22:48
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