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2022-11-07 23:07

From deepin V23 alpha version, the newly upgraded Flow App - Image Viewer and Albums, officially meet you!

In terms of design, we have fully upgraded the UI interface and interactive experience based on the Flow design concept;

Technically, we use QML technology to make the presentation of product pages more intuitive and more expressive;

On the product, the picture viewing application adds functions such as live text, breaking the boundary between pictures and words, and greatly improving the conversion efficiency of pictures and texts; the photo album application adds functions such as time collection, which can quickly locate a certain day, a certain month, a certain year, and re-emphasize in the torrent of years. Wen is beautiful.

Today, follow us into the changes of the two major cloud applications of viewing pictures and photo albums, and see how they can use what they see and use, breaking boundaries; how to go back to the past and reproduce the beauty!

Flow App - Image Viewer


What you see is what you get, easily get the text in the picture

How many steps are required to get the text in the image? Once we encounter a large piece of text and numbers, this may require us to wait for the application to jump, identify, copy, and edit again...

Image Viewer 6.0, the addition of the live text function can save these complicated operation links and complete it in just one step. Under the live text function, the app will automatically extract the text information in the image, you just need to drag the cursor directly on the image and select the content to be copied.

01 副本.jpg

What is more "winking" than the title bar and toolbar?

Image Viewer 6.0, a new control hiding function is added. When the user shrinks the window to a certain size, the title bar and toolbar will be automatically hidden, so as to avoid excessive occlusion of the image content under the small window, resulting in information omission or visual blind spot.

02 副本.jpg

Flow App - Album


Goodbye, tedious operations!

The interface layout of Album 6.0 is adjusted to the left and right layout, the navigation bar is adjusted to the left, and the function classification level is optimized. It is the past tense to click on the layers and advance slowly, and it is time to do it in one step and reduce the operation steps!

The process of punching a photo is compressed and then compressed, making the interaction more in line with your operating habits!


Hello my old days!

Years passed by in a hurry. I wanted to retrieve a certain photo and recall the past, but found that it fell into the vast colors, and there was nowhere to find it.

Album 6.0 adds the function of year/month/day time collection, which integrates photos by time. You can quickly locate a certain year, a certain month, and a certain day in turn, and look back in time when retrieving photos, retain memories, and let you filter photos. More convenient and efficient.


Switch sizes, preview photos easily and diversely

Album 6.0 supports switching of photo preview modes. In the preview interface, you can switch between different photo sizes to preview according to your needs.

The square preview mode makes the interface neat and generous, visually consistent, and looks relaxed and comfortable; the original size preview mode meets your needs for the complete content of the photo, and it doesn't matter if the length is different, what you want is simplicity and clarity!


(square preview mode)


(original size preview mode)

All in all, the reconstructed pictures and photo albums break the boundaries between pictures and words, making the efficiency step by step; retrospecting a photo of a certain day in a certain month, to retain the memory and beauty!

Rather than just using words to describe their changes, we hope you can try it out and see how the two "old friends" have been refactored.

Welcome to the official deepin community forum (bbs.deepin.org) to exchange experience and learn more about V23 Alpha content, we are waiting for your arrival!

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