[Newbies] Test your vocabulary with fun quizzes.
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2022-11-09 07:48

Test your vocabulary with fun quizzes. Word Wipe is a great way to test your vocabulary and discover some new terms. A timer increases the pressure, but you'll find that it makes Word Wipe more enjoyable overall because it presents an additional challenge that will likely lead to improved performance and a higher score. It may appear at first that the letters on the board have been set at random, but with time and effort, you will undoubtedly uncover the words that result in the highest points. When everything else fails, use the bomb to wipe off some of the board.

Players in Word Wipe compete against the clock as they try to clear 20x20 grids of letters by clicking on groups of four or more identical letters. One line must be cleared in the first 120 seconds, but this increases as the game progresses. It will get harder as you have to complete more levels in less time. It's not only Word Wipe that can turn studying and reading into fun; there are plenty of other games that can do the same. Get started with one of the best word games available noWord Wipe is a free, enjoyable word game that will provide you with a memorable experience. Totally free new word games are added every single day, so be sure to check back often.

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