[System Monitor] 1024x768 I can't change V20.7.1
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2022-11-10 07:25

Please input the detailed title of your suggestion or problem

 My Screen is 1.366x724, and I can not change that. The Distro recognize 1024x768, and make experience strange

Please input the detailed description of your suggestion or problem

 I change my HD for SSD, and the Deepin do not recognize the size which is 15.6

Problem reproduce frequency

 I can not turn off the laptop, one message is on describe some update wich I do know

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2022-11-13 23:13

I install Surface Safe and that was my mistake

Reinstall with bootpendrive

Now is everything ok 😃

I am very nooby in Linux sorry for that x_x

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2022-12-12 10:39

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