[Seek Help] Uninstall Deepin for cloning purpose
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2022-11-22 20:37

I need to clone my HDD to a newly installed SSD to improve the OS startup performance. The HDD has a dual boot setup, Windows 10 + Deepin. Because the Deepin partition is not resizable, I need to uninstall the Deepin prioir to the cloning.

I have tried all uninstallation methods I can find online without a luck. The command "bcdedit /enum firstware" doesn't work. And I can't see "boot prioirty order" in the set up menu (F2 key). And later, I find a Chinese document on the subject, https://wiki.deepin.org/zh/04_%E6%8C%89%E5%90%AF%E5%8A%A8%E9%A1%BA%E5%BA%8F%E5%88%92%E5%88%86/04_%E7%B3%BB%E7%BB%9F%E5%85%B3%E6%9C%BA%E5%90%8E/%E7%B3%BB%E7%BB%9F%E5%8D%B8%E8%BD%BD. I just can't see the instruction "请在Windows下运行NTBootAutofix,修复Windows系统启动项后,进入“计算机”右键–>管理–>磁盘管理,删除Linux系统的分区即可。" match the NTBootautofix app. And I don't see EFI mentioned in this article https://www.xitongcheng.com/jiaocheng/dnrj_article_59140.html either.

It is too troublesome to handle Deepin management.

Any help?

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2022-12-02 10:54

Not one can help me out?

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