[Seek Help] Deepin appstore not working
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2022-11-27 00:07


new deepin user here and I'm currently on 20.7

As the title says I can't download apps from deepin store. When i click on install/update it says failed to download.

I've looked in many threads about that, used a mirror link in sources, but still i can't get

apt-get update

to work.

Same for apt update.

It seems it comes from the same problem.

This is what i get

sudo apt-get update
Err:1 deepin InRelease
  Could not resolve ''
Hit:2 apricot InRelease                                               
Hit:3 driver InRelease                                      
Hit:4 eagle InRelease                                      
Hit:5 eagle InRelease                        
Reading package lists... Done
W: Failed to fetch  Could not resolve ''
W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Much appreciated and many thanks

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