[wine zone] How to run EXE on Deeepin without issues
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2022-12-16 00:03


this is my first time to use linux i normally using windows so all the software i have it exe what i have to do to run all exe on deepin because i like deepin 100000%

Thanks in advanced

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2022-12-19 00:05

First at all, the Deepin Official provided a appstore and it have collected some windows app that can run on Linux, But the number of them are still low.

You can try to install the Wine 游戏助手(Wine Game helper, according to the introdution, it's a cusiomized version of the open source software Lutries),then you can running the exe files you have.

Attention, by my tested, this program can be search in CN, it's no sure that the program can be search in other countries, because it's difficult for Chinese to visit foreign network. If you don't speak Chinese, I recommend you to try the Lutris first.

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