[Freezing/Lagging] The scrolling lag after 20.8 update is making me go back to windows
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2022-12-19 20:23

Hi everyone,

I've been using deepin for more that 4 years now and I've been loving it eversince, but recently the 20.8 update made me to think about switching my os.

After I've upgraded to 20.8 whenever I scroll down what ever application that the scroll motion is happening within, gets real laggy. at first I thought it might be doe to my current configurations so I've installed a fresh deepin 20.8 and the problem still exists.

To mention for my profession I need to read a lot of text and code and the scrolling part is so important to me that I have a free wheel mouse so I can scroll faster, everything was doing fine before I upgraded to 20.8.

I even tried to record this with the internav screen recorder but the lag apparently affects the whole system including the screen recorder itself, and the result was not showing what actually was happening.

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2022-12-20 02:40

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