[Topic DIscussion] No Sound in Deepin 20.08 on Intel Based Sound Cards
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2022-12-22 07:24

No Sound in Deepin 20.08 on Intel Based Sound Cards

After installing Deepin 20.08, everything appears to be working with the exception of the Sound Card. The computer is a Lenovo Ideapad 5i, Intel Core i7, with 12 GB of Ram. In every other linux Distro placed on the laptop, the sound car works with no issue, I have checked all the pulse audio dependencies, they are all present, however in the system tray in shows a disabled sound card.

In the sound Settings, no output or input device is shown.

However in the Device Manager the Audio device is correctly displayed as present and installed with no issues.

Currently I have no sound on the computer and would really prefer not to change the operating system, please an help you can provide toward resolving would be greatly appreciated.


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2022-12-24 15:10
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2022-12-26 17:56

I never thought these quests could change. Thank you so much for these I followed the steps you mentioned and was amazed at it. It's new to me and I like it easy to understand and madalin stunt cars follow. Thank you!

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