[Others] Failed installation, LightDM, needs RW mount to load
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2023-02-03 05:44


I need some help with manually fixing Deeping 20's installation on my Intel DX580S motherboard. It has BIOS/UEFI system with no "secure boot" option, thus there is no "secure boot" disable option either. So installation will always fail, However, I managed to figure out how to log into Terminal mode from the installation terminal screen right before it loads the final script of Display manager, via Ctrl, Alt, F2. This allows me to log into the terminal eviroment. From there I'll call the "Startx" cmd to take me to the LightDM destop enviroment. However, that won't work unless I call "mount -oremount,rw /" to mount the system to Read/Write mode, then I could execute "Startx" cmd.

I also figured out how to "enable" some of this services, not sure if they will stay enabled going forward.

What I need help is in one, fixing the initial boot up (calling of scripts) so to boot into the desktop. If there is a sort of one script that can be inserted into the process, it would be great. But I do know that the main problem is that, the mounting of the system drive to a Read/Write mode is essential so perhaps the rest of the services will load normally. Also is to load the services menitioned above particularly Network, wifi, Samba and to Auto login user into Desktop enviroment.

Any help will be seriously appreciated, I've been winging it this far, but I just don't know how to fix this.


I do see several "Errors", some are:

Failed to load "networkmanager.waitonline.service", "Samba" service, "host.service" and "LightDM".

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