[Official Events] Deepin OS V23 Alpha 2 is officially released!
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2023-02-09 00:31


Deepin community, the first desktop OS root community in China, officially releases Deep OS V23 Alpha 2!

Deepin OS V23 Alpha 2 is one of the phase releases of V23. It is a continuation of the Alpha version, and an attempt to let all deepiners try it out first.

On the design level, the simple, friendly and vital design of line cloud continues to be upgraded, and supports advanced customization of system themes to create "the deepin you want"!

On the functional level, it fully respects the needs and opinions of the community users, optimizes the formatting prompt text and operation logic when mounting the home partition, and integrates the new Linglong application store to create the "deepin you want"!

Deepin OS V23 Alpha 2, welcome to experience and give us more ideas and opinions!


Feature Updates and Optimizations


  • Resigned Control Center with "flow design".
  • Added the Widgets module.
  • Resigned the Dock's sound, battery, and Bluetooth plugins with "flow design".
  • Added support for system theme customization.
  • Redesigned UI and interaction of the launcher and Dock.
  • Added support for uninstalling Linglong apps in the launcher.
  • Added an entry for managing files from multi-screen collaboration.
  • Added an entry for single-user mode.

Multi-Screen Collaboration

  • The Multi-Screen Collaboration app was added, supporting fast collaboration across computers with different OS.
  • The Multi-Screen Collaboration app for Windows can be downloaded from https://www.deepin.org/index/assistant.

System Installer

  • Removed the limitation that when installing multiple systems on a computer with the legacy boot mode, the partition of /boot directory should be the first partition on a hard disk.
  • Optimized the operation logic and the formatting prompt when mounting the /home partition.

Backup and Restore

  • Added support for snapshot backup and ostree backup.
  • Added system restore options in grub.
  • Added support for restoring the system from an initial backup.

Text Editor

  • Added "Open/Save Settings" in Settings.
  • Added display scaling of content.
  • Added support for unchecking "Paste by pressing a middle mouse button" in Settings.
  • Added support for finding text with multiple lines.
  • Added "Startup" in Settings, where you can check or uncheck "Reopen last closed tabs".

App Store

  • Added support for downloading, installing, and uninstalling Linglong packages.
  • Integrated the new Linglong App Store.

Input Method Configuration

  • Preinstalled fcitx5.


  • Changed the Previous and Next buttons on the bottom bar to "15s backward" and "15s forward".
  • Added support for displaying the title bar in full-screen mode.
  • Added support for displaying the time under the preview window on the progress bar.
  • Updated the UI of playlists.


  • Upgrade Qt to 5.15.7
  • Support system upgrade between V23 minor versions

Bug Fixed

System Installer

  • Fixed: After creating partitions manually for system installation, the boot partition was not hidden in File Manager.
  • Fixed: When installing deepin with the full-disk method, the mounting point of the data disk was shown as /data, which should be /persistent actually.
  • Fixed: The UI fonts were inconsistent.
  • Fixed: When installing deepin with the full-disk method, checked "keep user data" and "Use LVM", and then unchecked "Use LVM", the system space cannot be edited.
  • Fixed: When installing deepin with the advanced method, it still said that the disk space must be no less than 64 GB.
  • Fixed: When installing deepin on a virtual machine, restarted several times after installation but before configuration, the screen went black during the configuration process.
  • Fixed: When installing deepin with a disc, the screen was displayed abnormally if pressing any key during the installation process.
  • Fixed: After restoring the system from an initial backup by Backup and Restore, creating another user account, and logging into it, the folders of the previous user can still be accessed.
  • Fixed: After custom installation, the name of the data disk was not shown correctly in File Manager.


  • Fixed: On some devices, clicked on a search result in Control Center, it did not jump to the corresponding page.
  • Fixed: It did not show the updating process on the Updates page of Control Center.
  • Fixed: The Bluetooth connection status in the Dock was inconsistent with that in Control Center.
  • Fixed: When entering the system for the first time, the Dock was wrongly displayed in the efficient mode.
  • Fixed: After turning on and off the Bluetooth in the Dock repeatedly, the dock crashed.
  • Fixed: When launching Screen Capture, its icon in the Dock was empty.
  • Fixed: If the display scaling was changed to 1.25 in Control Center, that of the user login page was still 1.
  • Fixed: The brightness of some laptops cannot be changed.
  • Fixed: Faces cannot be enrolled.
  • Fixed: After adding an app to favorites in the launcher, and removing it, the favorite list became empty after reboot.
  • Fixed: During the process of dragging an app to a folder in the launcher, the folder icon changed to the app icon.
  • Fixed: Failed to drag folders across pages in the launcher.
  • Fixed: Apps added to startup did not automatically run after reboot.
  • Fixed: When the display scaling was set to 1.25 in Control Center, app icons on the upper left corner of each app page were blurred.

Backup and Restore

  • Fixed: When backing up the system, open Terminal. The backup log was automatically shown in Terminal.
  • Fixed: On the Data Restore page, when no backup file was selected, the "Start Restore" button can still be clicked.
  • Fixed: Files created under /tmp were not restored.
  • Fixed: For system incremental backup, the disk space of the storage location was not correctly calculated.
  • Fixed: When the app window was minimized, click its icon in the launcher, the app window cannot be called out.
  • Fixed: Default names for system backup files were incorrect.
  • Fixed: After closing the "Backup files" window, minimizing the main window, and clicking its icon in the launcher, the "Backup files" window was shown again.
  • Fixed: After performing "System Restore" or "Restore from Initial backup", the previous logs were lost.
  • Fixed: After sending its icon to the desktop, the icon on the desktop was wrong occasionally.
  • Fixed: When selecting backup files for system restore or data restore, the page had UI issues.

File Manager

  • Fixed: After opening the Properties pane on the right, and switching to "Recent" in the left pane, File Manager crashed.
  • Fixed: After mounting to an smb server, closing the window, and mounting again, File Manager crashed.
  • Fixed: After opening Disk Utility, the disks shown on the Computer page disappeared. After closing Disk Utility, the disks on the Computer page were shown abnormally.
  • Fixed: The new .xls, .doc, and .ppt files created on the desktop were garbled after being opened with LibreOffice by default.
  • Fixed: When entering the trash from the Dock, the restore, cut, and delete options in the context menu were greyed out.
  • Fixed: Only after entering the smb server address two times, can users access it.
  • Fixed: After opening File Manager, entering the trash, and right-clicking to empty the trash, File Manager crashed.
  • Fixed: When a USB flash drive was connected, selected two or more icons on the desktop, the right-click menu was not available.
  • Fixed: When accessing an NTFS disk, it prompted you to enter the user password. After clicking Cancel, it said "Mounting failed".
  • Fixed: When double-clicking the smb entry, File Manager crashed.
  • Fixed: After opening the system disk as administrator, and creating or deleting a folder under the root directory, the action did not take effect.
  • Fixed: After opening the system disk as administrator, and renaming a new folder under the root directory, the action did not take effect.
  • Fixed: After the system wakeup, right-clicked the desktop to create a new folder, the right-click menu did not disappear immediately.
  • Fixed: When the Dock was on the left, desktop icons were blocked by the Dock.

Text Editor

  • Fixed: After opening and closing Text Editor several times, when the app was closed, the daemon was still running and the app cannot be started again.
  • Fixed: After unchecking "Reopen last closed tabs", any text file opened was a new blank text.
  • Fixed: The UI issues in "Open/Save Settings".
  • Fixed: When checking "Same path as the current file" in "Open/Save Settings", the path opened was not the same path as the current file.
  • Fixed: Selected text, copied them by pressing Ctrl, and took undo operations, it did not restore text correctly.

System Monitor

  • Fixed: There were no processes for running Linglong applications in System Monitor.
  • Fixed: The number of running apps and that shown in System Monitor did not match.


  • Fixed: When the Music app was open, double-click or right-click a music file in a folder to open it with Music, the app cannot open it.
  • Fixed: It did not remember the play order in "All music".
  • Fixed: When switching playlists during playback, Music crashed sometimes.
  • Fixed: After clicking the "+" button, music files were not added.
  • Fixed: During music playback, double-clicked a music file in File Manager, the Music window was not called out.


  • Fixed: When importing the same photos to different albums, it wrongly prompted "Import failed" and 'The photos/videos already exist".
  • Fixed: Imported files cannot be removed from albums.
  • Fixed: Files in the trash cannot be restored to previous albums.
  • Fixed: After mounting to smb in File Manager, Album cannot be opened in the launcher.

Image Viewer

  • Fixed: Under the extend mode of two displays, the width of the app window exceeded one screen.
  • Fixed: The website in About was wrong.

Screen Capture

  • Fixed: When pressing Ctrl+Alt+I to take scrolling screenshots, the desktop crashed.

Mirror Download


Google drive:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1R4AvD4ie34O7FixqfHa2bLXwhn-vDoGJ

Please install and try this version in a non-production environment!


Last but not least, we would like to thank the organizations and companies that provide testing, documentation, translation and mirror support for Deep OS!
If you have any questions or suggestions about the system, please feel free to join the discussion on the Deep forum: https://bbs.deepin.org , thanks for your support!

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deepin testing team
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2023-02-09 01:13

👍加油啦!! 希望深度快点发布正式版

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2023-02-09 01:33

👍 加油,但中文呢?

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2023-02-09 01:43

👍 加油,但中文呢?



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2023-02-10 22:52
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2023-02-12 11:52

Does Win + Space still does not change the keyboard layout?
It would seem that the most important thing - the work of the keyboard. But I can not reassign the combination Win + Space because the functions are called inside the window.... It's a brain dump.


It doesn't even register pressing the Win button.

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2023-02-13 03:08


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2023-02-13 13:58

Add these options to the "Personalization" settings:

  • Changing the speed of the Magic Lamp effect
  • The effect of rippling windows
  • Shading effect for out of focus windows

It looks good to me.
Somebody could use it.

Demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N1HKTMNUXrurZQuleBnvRh3KdmBxG5nY/view?usp=share_link

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2023-03-10 20:05
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