[Community News] New developments in deepin for RISC-V
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2023-03-09 18:00

Successfully adapted to the Nucleus SG2042 server card! New developments in deepin for RISC-V

Recently, the deepin RISC-V SIG team successfully adapted the deepin operating system to the RISC-V server board, Algorithmic SG2042. As a high-performance RISC-V processor with 64 cores and a 2.0GHz operating frequency, Algorithmic SG2042 has 64MB of L3 shared cache. This successful adaptation is a key advancement for the deepin for RISC-V ecosystem.


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Last November, the deepin operating system was officially adapted to RISC-V in the V23 Alpha version. In stage 1, deepin achieved the core goal of adapting the DDE desktop environment to the RISC-V platform, and successfully adapted two boards, Alibaba's YeYing 1520 platform and StarFive VisionFive V1. At the same time, with the full support of PLCT partners and the Longqi Community RISC-V SIG team, the repository software packages completed 6511 software package adaptations on a source code basis.

The adaptation work of the Algorithmic SG2042 server board was completed based on stage 1. The experience image of the SG2042 board under the deepin for RISC-V architecture is developed based on the deepin V23 version, defaulting to the DDE desktop environment, adopting vendor firmware and kernel branches, integrating deepin's self-developed application modules. After verification, basic components such as the basic system, wired network, USB interface, and PCIE can be used smoothly, and HDMI can be displayed normally. Currently, the repository dependency tree has been improved, and some third-party application packages have been added. The repository provides deepin's self-developed applications, common community software, and development tools, which can already support common office and development work.

deepin Self-Developed Applications

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Community Software

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deepin for RISC-V in action

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"RISC-V is a global phenomenon, with developers from over 60 countries researching it. In Asia, many well-known companies, academic institutions, and industry associations are actively involved. In three to five years, RISC-V will be ubiquitous," said David Patterson, the father of RISC-V and Turing Award winner, at the recently concluded "First Xuantie RISC-V Ecosystem Conference". Ni Guangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, believes that RISC-V is currently the most popular architecture in the Chinese CPU field and is becoming a new engine driving the development of new generation information technology.

In the future, deepin for RISC-V will continue to fix bugs, improve system stability, and continuously improve the software and hardware ecosystem while providing Linglong software package support. In addition to x86_64, the mainline will gradually provide support for architectures such as RISC-V and ARM. The Deepin community will also continue to improve its accompanying documentation support, providing overall system introductions for users and interface documentation for developers.

Algorithm SG2042 RISC-V image download.


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