[Newbies] keyboard layout options dropped after lock and unlock
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2023-03-14 20:57

I've been trying to map the caps key on my keyboard to ctrl key, so I followed the documentation executed the commands below:

gsettings set com.deepin.dde.keyboard layout-options '["ctrl:nocaps"]'

It worked, but whenever I shutdown or lock my computer, when I unlock it again the keymap will be dropped. The caps key enable capslock mod.

A really confusing thing is that after executing

gsettings set com.deepin.dde.keybinding.mediakey capslock '[]'

The media key didn't show up any more, not even after shutdown or rebooting.

Another thing is shown below

$ gsettings get com.deepin.dde.keyboard layout-options # I try to check if the setting is canceled
# ['ctrl:nocaps']
 # and I get a negative answer

This occurs on deepin 20, Edition: ( Community ( 20.8 ) ) on Lenovo GeekPro, with keyboard Keychron K1-SE, also tested positive on Lenovo Keyboard KN301.

I would quite appreciate it if anyone can show me some related materials or help me solve this problem.

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deepin testing team
2023-03-15 10:44


Thank you for your positive feedback!

We have sent feedback to the developers about this mapping issue and they are working on a fix.

We will get back to you when we have further results!

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2023-04-17 14:41
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