[deepin Wishes] Display Scalling Based on Monitor's Inch
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2023-04-01 07:13

Hello guys, first i have to say, im very impressive and pleased with deepin and its desktop enviroment, its not like any kind of distro's i have tested since i decided to leave windows 2 months ago. Its not perfect, especially on the package management side, but im gonna let this discussion for another day, for now, Thanks for the great work.

Straight to the point:

most linux distros doesnt have a good multi-monitor suport, and you guys thought on a thing that i've been searching in other linux enviroments, whitch is Super+P showing the option to alternate between monitors (just show in one or another) and it works really well. But there is a thing that annoyes me: end the session to set the display scaling.

I do use deepin in 2 displays, one in a Samsung LC34G55T (Odyssey G5 34'') and a TCL C715 55'', in a RTX3080 with an Intel Core i9 10th Gen. Every time i switch the image from one to another, i have to choose the more likely display scalling in the menu and end the session to show up.

My request is, there is no way to the system automatically set the most correct scale based on monitor`s inch? I guess the system does not have this inch information, but if we have an option to put it on the system menu, and the menu suggest the best option for us?

Also, i know this is a problem with KDE and GNOME based desktop enviroments and Nvidia drivers, but this is a thing i miss from windows, its make automatically.

Ty again.

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2023-04-04 22:38
It has been deleted!
2023-04-05 12:34
It has been deleted!
2023-04-12 13:24
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2023-04-23 06:13

No Linux distro nor even Windows or MacOS does what you want. Reported resolution is what matters, not size. Scalling must be adjusted manually.

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