[Official Events] April 03, 2023 - Deepin Operating System: V23 Beta Update
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2023-04-03 16:03

Dear friends, in order to ensure the quality of the next system update, we are now launching a beta testing program. We encourage all members of the internal testing team to actively participate. Thank you!tail

3-27-2023 Update Description

  • Warehouse updated the docker container tool.
  • Upgraded the KDE software package to version 5.90.
  • Added an option to adjust zoom with Ctrl+scroll wheel in terminal settings.
  • Added an option to adjust animation speed for Konsole in terminal settings.
  • Added the ability to display the terminal in full screen.
  • Fixed an issue where necessary header files were missing during Debug compilation of the terminal, resulting in compilation failure.
  • Synchronized upstream updates of network-manager to version 1.42.4-1 to resolve hotspot request timeouts and connection issues.

The correct way to join the inner test

① Ensure that the system is version V23 and upgrade it to the latest.

② Add V23 test sources and execute the following command in the terminal: (Note: the internal test channel for v23 is being adapted...)

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb https://proposed-packages.deepin.com/beige-testing unstable main dde community commercial " > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ deepin-testing.list'

③ Finish opening the internal test channel

Note: The original method of adding internal test sources (manually adding internal test sources) is no longer able to receive internal test updates, please clear the manually added internal test source information in time.shamed

Feedback on issues

  • Firstly, please ensure that the system version is upgraded to the latest internal beta version to avoid discrepancies in issues caused by inconsistent versions.
  • Secondly, if you find any problems, you can give feedback on github at the first time.
  • You are welcome to join the beta group, after entering the group, change your nickname to your deepin forum username, so that we can contact you and communicate the details of the problem.

Internal testing rules (important)

  1. Keep the system version upgraded to the latest internal beta version to avoid problems caused by inconsistent versions.
  2. When a problem is found, the feedback form can be used for feedback as soon as possible
  3. After entering the internal testing group, please change the name to the user name of the deepin forum, so that we can contact you to communicate the specific details of the problem (Note: it is the user name, hover over the avatar in the upper right corner and click to enter the "User Center", copy "Username" information).


Many thanks to all the members of the internal testing team for your active participation!

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2023-04-04 23:26

so wonderful!

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