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2023-04-15 04:53

Hello Every one,

For my work and divertissement, i need some applications that have not been found in Deepin App store such as:

  • JDK 17 (i've installed it through the oracle deb repository because it's not included in debian 10)
  • Maven 3.9.1 (i've installed it through the downloaded deb file because the maven version in debian 10 is too old and doesn't support JDK 17)
  • Bitwarden (i've installed it with success through the appimage installer, but i should manually install the new version in the future, no possible update)
  • TORCS Racing game (it's amazing that it come from the deepin community repository but it's not showing in the deepin app store.
  • Speed Dreams game (unable to install it through the appimage installer, unable to finish the appimage file loading even if after 8 hours because its size is 1,9 Gb)
  • Microsoft Teams (only web version is working, unable to get the desktop version)
  • The CPU/GPU temperature sensor is missing in the system monitor, it's very useful for a developer workstation or for occasional gaming (i'm currently using the Psensor application but i'ts buggy and not well integrated with the dock icon features (menu through dock icon not working)

I understood that to well use Deepin without worries it is to install all the applications via app store otherwise there could be surprises, that is why I wanted to go up these needs.

My great wish is that these applications mentioned above will be included in the new Deepin App Store with the new package format "Linglong" in the Deepin v23 because I am a Java developer and I've liked Deepin immediately the first time I used it and I want to continue using it when version 23 is finally ready.




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2023-04-22 00:26
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2023-04-29 09:05

App stores are just front-ends for online software repositories. so, what you're actually asking here is for the inclusion of additional software and/or newer versions.

Unfortunatelly for you and others with the same approach the very concept of a "release" implies that, with the exception of security updates, all software is frozen in a certain version some time before the release date. This assures proper testing and auditing. Otherwise, most of the times, you'd be tradding safety and stability for the mere novelty of the "latest" and the "latest" isn't always the "geatest".

For mor up-to-date software versions in the repositories you are better served with a "rolling release". Expect a LOT more updates, it goes without saying, and things breaking quite often. You decide.

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