[Online Games] Lutris not working properly
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2023-05-05 14:54

I noticed that in your app store lutris is a very old version that you have it does not contain nothing like for epic games or wine, or steam section or gog section it contains very little where can I update version of lutris with all these apps included in the descption.

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2023-05-07 18:52

That is the nature of any distro's normal releases, at some point the version of any software in the repositories is frozen. The only exceptions are security updates and web browsers for obvious reasons.

Distros that are "rolling releases" tend to have more up-to-date versions but you're trading stability for the latest which not always is the greatest and often are untested.

Regarding Lutris, if you really want later versions you can follow the instructions for Debian here: https://lutris.net/downloads

This will add an additional, third-party, repository. Use at your own risk.

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2023-05-10 14:33

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2023-05-12 09:55
It has been deleted!