[Community News] deepin V23 beta application compatibility
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2023-05-25 18:37

deepin V23 beta application compatibility: V20 application, compatible!

Do you also want to run applications on deepin V23 that you could only run on deepin V20? Try deepin V23 beta!


What is application compatibility?

The application compatibility feature of deepin V23 beta addresses application compatibility issues caused by changes in technology selection and package environments. Application compatibility, as a solution based on container technology, allows you to create a deepin V23 beta system with a deepin V20 container environment in which to install and run applications that would otherwise only run on deepin V20. This eliminates the need for users to worry about installation and runtime failures due to version inconsistencies or dependency issues.

How is it achieved?

The functional implementation of application compatibility is based on the open source tool distrobox. distrobox is a set of shell-written scripts, a wrapper for docker/podman, used to quickly create an environment from an OCI image that allows users to use packages from distribution B on distribution A. It roughly creates a container environment with little to no resource isolation, keeping the user's home directory but replacing the parts managed by the package manager (meaning /usr /var /etc etc) with another distribution's, allowing the user to use most of the packages from another distribution almost as if they were on the native environment.

What have we done?

The deepin community team updated the deepin docker image and made it available in two versions: one for compatibility mode use, containing most of the packages pre-installed in the deepin V20 image; and a minimalist one, containing almost no packages, for developers. At the same time, the deepin community team tested a large number of packages that work fine on deepin V20, filtered out the packages that can be supported by the application compatibility feature, repackaged them into the compatibility mode package format, and released them to the deepin community repository for users to download and install.

r/deepin - deepin V23 beta application compatibility: V20 application, compatible!

With the application compatibility feature, users can run applications on deepin V23 beta that were only available on deepin V20, without worrying about installation or runtime failures due to version inconsistencies or dependency issues. In addition, using applications from deepin V20 on deepin V23 beta requires no reconfiguration, reducing migration costs while improving productivity and experience.

The application compatibility feature of deepin V23 beta has 4 significant advantages over previous versions:

  • Extensive compatibility: Most of the packages that run fine on deepin V20 can be supported by this feature, except for some system-level related packages that require privileged or kernel module support.
  • Easy to use: Users do not need to perform complex configuration and operations, just download and install repackaged deb packages and use the application as usual.
  • Efficient and stable: Applications run in containers without affecting the stability and performance of the system itself, and without creating conflicts and problems with other applications.
  • Secure and reliable: applications run in containers without compromising users' privacy and data, and without being affected by external attacks and viruses.

In addition, compared with many other open source operating systems, deepin V23 beta's application compatibility feature allows you to create and launch container environments quickly, with less resource consumption and faster startup, welcome to download deepin V23 beta for experience. Your use and feedback will make deepin better and better!

deepin V23 beta image download address:

Official: https://cdimage.deepin.com/releases/23-Beta/

Seed download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ubabvk102l8lw/deepin_V23_beta

Baidu.com: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bkV5ls0nhdKjeFYlZmVBYQ?pwd=deep Extraction code: deep

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o--dOmjypXRk3Djffy4e0ahDiCTyFbnx/view

Please install and try this version in a non-production environment!

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