[Others] Feedback issues on GitHub in 5 steps!
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2023-06-06 19:41

To help students who are unfamiliar with how to raise issues on GitHub, we have created a detailed tutorial that also makes it easier for us to better receive and handle feedback from people.

Before you start, please make sure you meet the following two conditions:

  1. have a network environment to log into GitHub (you can find some free ones online or build your own)
  2. have a GitHub account and be able to log in properly

If you meet the above two conditions, you can play around with deepin's GitHub project. You can find us in two ways: directly by searching for deepin on GitHub and joining our organization, or directly by linking to https://github.com/linuxdeepin.

So, how do I give feedback on an issue? Please follow these steps to raise an issue with us:

Step 1: On the home page of the deepin organization, find and click on the "developer-center" repository


Step 2: On the repository page, find and click on the "issues" tab


Step 3: On the issues page, find and click the "New issue" button


Step 4: On the issue creation page, find and click the "Get started" button (please note: the issues you raise will be screened and reproduced by our testers to help developers determine the root cause of the problem)


Step 5: Start to fill in the content of the issue

5.1 Fill in the title: It is recommended to start with the version name followed by a brief description of the issue, e.g. "20.2.3 - Cannot connect to Wi-Fi".


5.2 Fill out the body: describe the problem you encountered in general


5.3 Fill in the software or system version information


5.4 Fill in the preconditions


5.5 Fill in the reproduction steps, the phenomena you see, what you want the results to be, and if there are additional instructions you can also fill in


5.6 Submit issue: After checking for errors, click the "Submit new issue" button.


After submitting an issue, GitHub will sync it to us directly, and then our testers will review and evaluate the issue until it is finally closed.

You are very welcome and thankful to raise issues from GitHub, which will provide us with important reference and help for optimizing deepin. Your questions and suggestions are our motivation and direction for improvement, and we will listen to and handle your feedback carefully to continuously improve the features and experience of deepin. If you encounter any problem or have any idea in the process of using deepin, don't hesitate to refer to the tutorial above and give us an issue, let's make deepin better together!

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2023-08-10 00:43

Thanks for the information for sharing.

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