[Community News] RISC-V new progress! deepin successfully adapted to VisionFive 2
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2023-06-29 19:15

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The RISC-V instruction set is an open instruction set architecture (ISA) based on the principle of reduced instruction set computing (RISC), and RISC-V is a new instruction established on the basis of the continuous development and maturity of the instruction set. The RISC-V instruction set is completely open source, simple in design, has a modular design, a complete tool chain, easy to transplant Unix systems, and a large number of open source implementations and tape-out cases.

Recently, the official RISC-V SIG team of deepin successfully adapted the deepin operating system on the VisionFive 2 development board, and the available image has been released on the official website. This is another new achievement of the deepin operating system in the RISC-V adaptation work.

VisionFive 2 launched by StarFive Technology

StarFive Technology (StarFive) was established in 2018. It is a local high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. It provides the world's leading CPU IP, SoC, development board and other products and solutions based on the RISC-V instruction set. The leader of RISC-V software and hardware ecology.

Fang·Starlight 2 (VisionFive 2) is the world's first high-performance mass-produced RISC-V single-board computer (SBC) with integrated 3D GPU. The SBC is industry-leading in terms of processor operating frequency, multimedia processing capability, and scalability. Its superior performance and reasonable price make VisionFive 2 the most cost-effective RISC-V development board ever.


deepin successfully adapted to VisonFive 2

The trial image of deepin's VisionFive 2 development board for RISC-V architecture has been released and can be downloaded for trial. The test image is based on the released deepinV23beta version, uses the manufacturer's open source firmware and kernel branch, and integrates deepin related system components. After adaptation and testing by RISC-V SIG, basic modules such as the basic system, wired network, and USB interface can be used normally, and can support HDMI output and graphical interface display, and the DDE desktop environment is running normally.



The deepin RISC-V SIG group launched an adapted version of VisionFive 1 as early as November 2022. This work is developed based on the results of the VisionFive 1 phase. The image is equipped with the DDE desktop environment by default, and the warehouse provides deepin’s self-developed applications. and common open source software.

bug fixed

  • Some software packages in the warehouse are updated upstream;

  • The kernel adds container orchestration support;

  • Added third-party open source applications such as the chromium browser.

known issues

During the process of adapting VisonFive 2, we found that there are still the following known problems, and we will work hard to solve them:

  • The upstream support of GPU is not yet perfect, and the GPU hardware driver cannot be used for the time being;

  • At present, it only supports booting from microSD card, and the booting methods such as eMMC and SSD need to be improved in the future;

  • Availability of some peripherals is unknown.

In the future, we will continue to improve system functions, fix known problems, improve the RISC-V ecosystem, and continuously improve user experience. Interested partners are welcome to download the mirror experience to help find more problems and provide test comments.

Mirror download address:


The above work is all in charge of deepin RISC-V SIG, which is mainly responsible for the planning, production, maintenance and upgrade of deepin RISC-V version and the maintenance of open source software packages, software package construction, system construction, bug repair and other work. Interested friends are welcome to join deepin RISC-V SIG.

deepin RISC-V SIG entrance:


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2023-07-08 21:14
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2023-08-12 15:59

I wonder if anyone here is old enough to remember the days of Microsoft DOS operating system. Back then, every software that wanted to use the printer had to write their own printer drivers. Along came Microsoft Windows that centralizes the printing jobs. It became unecessary for any software to write their own printer drivers.

Fast forward the present... It seems every software that wanted to run on RISC-V/ARM/x86 had to write their own implementation. Is that all even necessary? Why not develop Deepin on top of OpenHarmony, which can run on all kinds of CPU architectures (RISC-V/ARM/x86/LoongArch)? Let OpenHarmony be the Windows of the past that made it unecessary for any software to write their own hardware abstraction layers...!

Plus, there is the thing Huawei not going to go away soon. OpenHarmony will only get stronger and more widely adopted from here on.

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