[Newbies] File Permission Problems
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2023-07-01 22:21
I used deepin in this may and i move my file from my phone to my laptop and then after that i can access only from administrator permission. I want to play my video and pdf file on my laptop but as they are in administrator my VCL player and reader cant access what should i do to change from root to normal file mangaer with the help of chat gpt and i cant plz someone guide me 
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2023-07-04 16:29

Thank you for your feedback. We tried to copy the content from an Android phone to the desktop or other folders, and found that the permissions were working properly.

We did not encounter any issues where the files could only be opened with administrator privileges. Could you please provide more detailed steps and corresponding screenshots?

This issue mainly involves permission problems. May I ask if you were using a regular user operation or an administrator user operation when copying the files to the computer?

We believe that the basic steps should be to connect the phone to the computer, enter the corresponding folder in the phone's disk, select the file, right-click and choose "copy", and then paste it to the desktop or a folder in the home directory. After this process, the file should be able to be operated normally.

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2023-07-06 17:33
It has been deleted!