[Suggestions for Improvement] Deepin 23 compatibility
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2023-08-10 15:46

Hello, i hope you are well!

How we are change from deepin 20.9 to deepin 23 when you finish the systeme deepin 23?

And how about the apps we have now, becouse deepin 23 it is not going to work with debian???

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2023-08-11 21:52

There's a migration tool. Some apps will be able to migrate, some won't.

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2023-08-12 16:19

The upgrade tool is available in app store of v20.9. But you should notice that the tool is not stable enough and you may get stuck when using it. The recommended way at the moment is to reinstall the whole system.

V23 is still compatible with deb packages, but at the moment only a few packages are provided in its software repository, so some apps can't run on V23.

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