[Newbies] Installation fails with VERY long error log
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2023-08-29 05:28

I tried to install Deepin 20.6. I opened the "more info" tab at the bottom and it threw a ton of errors in there. I ignored it and continued installing it.

When it was almost done, it failed stating that: !! Error: grub-install failed with --target=x86_64-efi --uefi-secure-boot deepin

There is more in the error log but I can't easily copy all of it out and I can't easily share a photo either.

Every other version has worked fine on this computer, I don't understand why it magically doesn't want to work anymore.

I am going to have to borrow someone else's machine to put another distro on the USB for now.

How can I fix this? What do I do?

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deepin testing team
2023-08-29 19:11


Is there a problem with the efi partition boot, or is the efi partition full?
It is recommended to make the efi partition bigger if you have multiple systems.

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