[Freezing/Lagging] Frozen System
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2023-09-26 10:59

About ten minutes after I started my Deepin 20.9, the system is frozen and there isn't any response when I pick on any things including the menu. There is good amount of menory, 46% usage, and swap space, 37% usage, left. I have to restart the OS to overcome the issue. I have run into this issue a few times lately. Using the OS for software development work, I really can't afford to keep having this type of issues.

How to prevent this issue occur again?

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2023-09-26 22:33

Try a force restart.

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2023-09-28 08:27

It happens again today. The above response basically says that I shall look into other distros for reliability.

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2023-09-29 23:11

Check your disk space and my advice is don't use Timeshift unless you know what you're doing. Because it can actually get itself into a loop of trying to backup the files that it's backing up somewhere in /var directory on your data disk. And it will fill the entire disk too.

If the same happened to you and you can't boot the system up or there is lag

Use a live usb that is not only an installer

look for the deepin data partition and open the file manager on the live usb / iso either right clicking or doing sudo (insert file manager name here) and nagivate to /var on data partition. the timeshift directory should be there if not search inside.

Delete the entire timeshift directory by pressing both Shift and Delete keys at the same time.

when it's done reboot to Deepin.

As soon as you log into Deepin purge (uninstall) Timeshift by entering into the terminal and type "sudo apt purge timeshift"

There. You have uninstalled Timeshift successfully.

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